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As of September 15, 2021 we are waiting to begin Phase II of the Ditch. 


There will be three phases.  Each one costs about US$630.00. 


Phase I was self-funded.   


We ask for your help, any cash amount is appreciated and 100% is put directly into the project.


If you can help us start Phase II please use any of the payment services below. Donate as little as US$1, $2 or more. 


Paypal is very simple and fast even for those who do not have an account.   


Thank you, Joseph J. Reynolds

Please choose how you want to contact us and let us hear from you.

Help us directly with a cash donation. 

100% of each donation goes directly to funding the project.


Purchase our special ASEA products on and be healthy. 

A percentage of the proceeds goes to fund the project.

Hilltop Moringa Farms

Supply chain management of a finished product from 100,000 trees directly to the consumer desiring organically grown health supplements without the cost of middlemen. We are roadblocked by FDA requirements. Our remedial attention is the following:

Investor’s dream! The extensive preliminary work is pre-revenue. The carbon sequestration goals of our work-in-progress parallel Elon Musk’s XPRIZE Carbon Removal contest rules that he announced this past March when we immediately became a contestant. By January 2022, we must prepare data points for a winning presentation worthy of a milestone award. Within three additional years, we will prove that our concept is the most valid and least costly.

See our proposal at

The preferred way to invest with us is to join us as a team member on our XPRIZE Carbon Removal Team. We need several team members in addition to an investor(s). Such as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) expertise. So many of the experts whom we need are not up to voluntarily participating. We need to attack this contest like a business but that requires capital. Give us a shout and we can go from there. Thank you.

Let’s Work Together

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