We call it the "Ditch" - Phase I

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Peter, Celline and Marjo

The video is amazing. The four of them were able to remove this heavy rock.

Bryan showed up and just started helping Peter to dig the ditch.

Macky and Idong are on the payroll.

Antone is the boss and will lead in the cement work.

Macky is saving the Calamansi tree by making the ditch's wall come inside more from the regular side.

Someone is working on the terrace.

The cut-out is for the foundation of the post that will support the wall and the structure above that will be built in Phase III.

Excavation is complete. It is time to start building the walls, but the materials must be procured and transported to Hilltop.

At the bottom of the hill, the builder supply delivery dropped all of the materials since their delivery truck cannot make it up the hill.

The climb up the hill is 150 feet in elevation over a 600-foot span.