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The Beginning of the Last 3-Years of XPrize Contest

At the beginning of March 2021 of the four-year-long XPRIZE Carbon Removal Contest Hilltop, Moringa Farms entered the contest under the Team Name of Farmer's Helper. One year later, out of the 1,300+ registered contestants worldwide, 360 remain qualified. We are number 250. We have to work on our scaling of CO2 capture and be able to verify results through a disinterested third party (expert).

We are shifting our tree species priority to native rainforest trees of the Philippines. Our subordinate trees remain as previously planned, as does the enhancement of the secondary forest species. The priority native trees grow large and have long life spans, and their CO2 numbers are excellent. We have initially obtained about 200 seeds of about 15 species. We have also ordered wildlings from the nearby forest. We will plant them accordingly, and the seeds will germinate. Later the seedlings will be included in the project from our nursery and determine the best way to increase our numbers upwards to around 2,800 of the native rainforest trees.

It is late May, and the rainy season has begun. In preparation for the next dry season, we have started the irrigation system by running 150 meters of 1" PVC black tubing along the spine (crest) of the 9-hectare property. Later, this line will extend another 100m. We will run horizontal lines from the spine at appropriate places. From the horizontal lines, we will run small dia. tubing to each planted tree for drip irrigation (1 gal. per day) using our reservoir water enriched by chicken droppings from the fowl residing above. Our rabbit urine produces at the rate of 250ml per animal per day. It is captured and applied to the entire forest's flora inventory. The dilution ratio is one part to five. The diluted Liquid Organic Rabbit Fertilizer (LORF) is a foliate and a ground enhancer.

reNature is pending their internal matters. We have alternatives such as tree-banking or similar, should their funding be delayed.

The leaks in the newly constructed water reservoir must be repaired. We first experimented with the remedy by using it to stop leaks on a leaky portion of the concrete roof of our house. The methodology appears excellent, and therefore, we can buy more of the same materials and commence repairing the concrete water tank.

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Phase II of the Ditch is waiting to commence construction.  The estimated cost is identical to Phase I, which is USD630.00.  PayPal is the easiest way to help us, any amount is appreciated and 100% goes to the project.  Thank you.

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