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Thank you for visiting.  Your interest has brought you to this point and we would like to continue to build your interest.
We have a series of goals on a timeline.  Our demonstration agroforest is a work-in-progress and is well explained in the XPrize Details. 
An integral part of our planning tapestry is to have the community earn, the following is a clear example:
Our Goal is Clear:
Use Hilltop Moringa Farms to Earn for the Village (barangay)
Approximately 900 families and >1,000 hectares that are devoted to rice farming.
Barangay: Tanyag (operations), New Dagupan (address)
Municipality: Calintaan
Province:  Occidental Mindoro
Country:  Philippines (primary), Papua New Guinea (affiliate)
Our Goal is Specific: 
Utilize 10 hectares of rice field to grow Moringa oleifera for commercial purposes. 
Business relationship
Demonstrate the results:  100 times greater productivity per square meter, sustainably
Successive Goal:
Reforest the Philippines through Replication, Barangay by Barangay
Utilize the XPrize Details
Super Goal:
Achieve Carbon Removal from the Atmosphere and Ocean
Utilize the XPrize Details


We want people from around the world to follow our progress.  They may want to be members of what we are doing and share information, opinion and useful input. 
That is how you may participate along with so many others.
Every participant is a benefactor and is sharing in the ecological balance that comes with reforestation that uses agroforestry principles and also makes each participant a  beneficiary. 


Project 100000.jpg

The bright green strips have been added to depict 30 hectares of land which would be planted in Moringa oleifera.

The initial project is titled:  Project 100,000.  It involves 100,000 square meters or 10 hectares.  It stradles an existing irrigation ditch with 50 meters of trees on each side and extending 1,000 meters (about half of the first line that you can see).  Ten hectares will sustainably support 90,000 trees that begin producing their leaves for harvest after six months and continue for about 50 years.  

All 30 hectares or 3% of the rice land pictured here would produce nearly three times the income from rice of all of what you see.

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