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Our Clear Goal is to Reforest Barangay (Village) Tanyag, Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines.


  • The agreement with Barangay Tanyag is pending ratification in November 2016.

  • 33,333 Moringa oleifera seeds are ready for propagation for planting.  

  • Three years of planting will bring the total to 100,000 trees.

  • Sustainable and substantial  income for the community's infrastructure.

  • The farmers supplying their land will make transparent their new and substantial income from the trees.

  • Replication will be nurtured and commence before 2020.

  • The community will be reforested before 2027.

  • Tanyag will be a model to be copied, replicated beginning in 2018.

By joining us, we will:

 Replicate the work of Hilltop Moringa Farms, 
​ Save areas from deforestation and Mitigate Climate  Change, 
​ And much more...
You receive FREE a year's supply of Moringa products.
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