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Let's reforest the Philippines.  
It is feasible!

Let's sequester carbon significantly. 
It is feasible!

Let's feed millions and teach others to feed billions...nutritionally
It is feasible!


Big government, corporate life; been there done that.  Not as rewarding as originally thought.


Sole proprietorship sustainably growing trees, harvesting parts and selling them.


The bulk of earnings go back into the project.  Most rewarding, much more than originally thought.


1.  Create a demonstration agro forest using biodiversity and centering on sustainability.  


2.  Scale up by more than two orders of magnitude through community participation.


3.  Scale up to achieve critical mass for reforestation of the Philippines.


  • a.  Cash flow

  • b.  Community

  • c.  Replication

  • d.  Unwitting achievement of countrywide reforestation and reduction in the rate of global warming.






No donations accepted here. When you want to join in and become an owner, absentee or present, we will turn-key your project, manage it for you and half of your cost will come out of cash flow, the first half is cash out of pocket used to build the place and make it operational and profitable within two years.


The worthwhile of your endeavor is apparent when you study us and the project in depth.  The best way is to visit us.


Latest Project


Get Involved

As an owner you participate in helping achieve seemingly unfathomable goals of actually achieving reforestation on a massive scale and decreasing the rate of increase in ecological balance globally.


Make the poor farmers no longer poor by planting, growing and harvesting only parts of the trees while having them continue to grow and prosper.

Please do not expect all of the answers to be presented in one sentence or even one presentation.


This project represents a paradigm shift from ordinary and customary agribusiness practices that we all have been exposed our entire lifetimes.  Be patient, but hurry up; get involved...visit us either electronically or in person at the demo-farm.  See you.

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